Is now in its third edition “ Lecco in Acquarello” , the project based on Fabriano example and organized about ten years ago with the support and collaboration of the homonymous cultural association which involves artists, masters of water color and supporters.
This initiative is sponsored by the local Municipality and Confcommercio; it is supported by Cartiera dell’Adda and involves many schools in the territory with the aim to raise awareness among the students about exchange and experimentation of cultural and technical skills. In detail, “Lecco in Acquarello”, which last year received more than 120 papers, it aims at enhancing and promoting the culture of paper production and visual art, in both national and international contexts.
The works made by the students of Liceo Artistico Medardo Rosso and the Primary and Secondary Schools taking part in the initiative, they will be posted on the website; some of the works will be exhibited at the Exhibition space of “ Sistema Museale Lecchese and Confcommecio”.