PBA’s products. The future’s keywords? Customize and diversify.

PBA products

“Let’s think of Ford’s first model. When Henry Ford built his first car, the Ford Model T, he said ironically ‘you can choose any color you like, as long as it’s black’, because he could only produce black cars. Today, instead, any car can be customized by choosing the color, the accessories, the interior, and much more.” Through this clear and straightforward car analogy, Roberto Severini, PBA Group’s Marketing Director, describes how Cartiera Dell’Adda’s and Icp’s approach to the client has changed over the years. Few and simple words that show us sharply what direction the two companies have taken: to meet the client’s needs, and to create something that is tailor-made for them adapting to their needs, not vice versa.

A different outlook, a more open one, that has allowed the companies to focus on an important aspect over the years: improve the quality of production by limiting the industrial approach, in favor of a more client-oriented attitude. Something which was not as present in Cartiera dell’Adda as it was in Icp. In fact, it was the combination of these two entities and their unique features that made it possible to develop a series of new products, by revolutionizing the companies’ strong points, and reinforcing the “niche” ones.  

The final result was significant, and the numbers can confirm it. As for sales, the Group’s main product at the moment is paperboard for tissue, which is made in Icp. The second one is paperboard for industrial tubes which is made in Adda, and the third is paperboard for edge protectors. “These are the first three which make up a very important share of our production – Roberto Severini explains – Together, in fact, they account for 60% of our business”. But that’s not all, following these products are tubes for thermocouple sensors, as well as paperboard for food use. 

Moreover, production is looking at new markets. A direction which is revealing to be a winning choice, although it brought a significant change inside the company organization, and in particular, a change in the study and design of the product, completely switching up the order of things. 
The first step, in fact, is to ask the client “What do you need? How can I create a product that is best suited to your expectations with two productive plants and three continuous machine?”. Only then can the work get started. In this perspective, Roberto Severini points out that marketing has chosen to follow a very clear approach: diversify

The market is so volatile that if we standardize certain products too much we risk missing out on important opportunities, and we become victims of the industrial pace of the market itself”.