Paper Board Alliance is the Group name combining Cartiera dell’Adda and industria cartaria Pieretti.

Paper Board Alliance unisce Cartiera dell’Adda e icP

This is the name of the new holding that brings together the companies of Cima and Pieretti families with a long and prestigious history in producing recycled paper and core board.

The goal is to reorganize the companies belonging to Cartiera dell’Adda Group –  Cima family –  making the organization more efficient and the financial system more attractive.

This process started in 2020 and it was concluded in early 2021, transferring most of the employees of some of the subsidiaries to  the new operational holding Paper Board Alliance ( PBA).

The reorganization adds a new chapter to the growing project of the Group which confirms itself as a major player in the grey board market. The Cima family project took an important step through the acquisition of an 80% stake in industria cartaria Pieretti located in Marlia ( Lucca) and belonging to the family of the same name.

In 2018, Tiziano Pieretti kept the 20% of the family company and he enters the PBA Group through share transfer and purchase, confirming the alliance between the two families traditionally involved in the grey board production.

As Giuseppe Cima explains: “ we share not only a long family tradition but also the environmental care, the international focus and the high-specialized known-how.

These factors are essential for an alliance maintaining its specific characteristics of production and allowing each company to focus on its own market thanks to a complementary structure: Cartiera dell’Adda  centered on the industrial field and on the European market and industria cartaria Pieretti focused on the tissue field.

In January 2020, industria cartaria Pieretti and Moba Eurotubi bought Tubicom a company based in Lucca producing  board tubes, highly-specialized in the tissue field. This operation confirms the entrepreneurial project of Cima and Pieretti families. “ It’s a strategic acquisition – says Tiziano Pieretti. With this  project we can deeply know a product from the customers side so that we can further improve the performance and quality of our board cores”.

To find the Group name, Cima and Pieretti have involved  the employees. As Cima states: we have asked our people to help us to choose a name and a logo that reflect our identity. Paper Board Alliance is an international brand that protects our core business, our focus on sustainability and it’s the evidence of doing business facing  the future challenges with synergy”.

By the end of 2020, the new  group reached a turnover of € 120 million with 230 employees between the two companies in Lecco and in Lucca and 300.000 tons/y of core board.

Also, Paper Board Alliance has already drawn up an industrial plan development which includes the possibility of acquiring other excellences of the paper sector.

“We are proud of the process undertaken. It will take some time to accomplish the integration of our plants-adds Cima. We have set high goals for the future and the holding and the key will be to strengthen our identity. We will further work on the performance of our plants, focusing on sustainability and environmental care sharing the set of guidelines of the Italian paper industry to reach the Green New Deal”.

The Board of Directors of Paper Board Alliance developing the Group’s strategies includes seven representatives: Giuseppe Cima, President; Giulio Cima, Vice-President; Roberto Fontanelli, Advisor with Administration, Finance and Control mandate; Amedeo Valeri, Advisor with Technology mandate; Tiziano Pieretti, Advisor with Institutional mandate; Paolo Giacchi, Advisor, Vartan Manoukian, Advisor.

The new  Paper Board Alliance is on line:

Cartiera dell’Adda website:

industria cartaria Pieretti website:


Also this year, icP/industria cartaria Pieretti supports the Team Go Eleven, born in 2008 from the passion of Gianni Ramello and the motorcycling experience of Piero Cabutti. After 8 successful years with the Japanese Kawasaki, in 2021,the Team will support the Italian official Ducati, which is already the star of this beginning of season: at the opening of the Italian Thundervolt championship, Salaraoli is the winner, Collini is in the third place in the Supermoto Italian Trophy race and Alfano takes second place in the CIV Moto3 at Mugello. Go Fast! Go First! Go Fast! Go First!


Is now in its third edition “ Lecco in Acquarello” , the project based on Fabriano example and organized about ten years ago with the support and collaboration of the homonymous cultural association which involves artists, masters of water color and supporters.
This initiative is sponsored by the local Municipality and Confcommercio; it is supported by Cartiera dell’Adda and involves many schools in the territory with the aim to raise awareness among the students about exchange and experimentation of cultural and technical skills. In detail, “Lecco in Acquarello”, which last year received more than 120 papers, it aims at enhancing and promoting the culture of paper production and visual art, in both national and international contexts.
The works made by the students of Liceo Artistico Medardo Rosso and the Primary and Secondary Schools taking part in the initiative, they will be posted on the website; some of the works will be exhibited at the Exhibition space of “ Sistema Museale Lecchese and Confcommecio”.


Cartiera dell’Adda gave 5 sailboats, model SailQube, to the sailing club Marvelia, to further support the youth activities on Lake Como.
Boats will be available to young people who will join the Sail Camp Aula Azzurra, summer activity organized by the Federal school Marvelia in Dongo, on the northwest side of the lake.
SailCamp is a free activity and it was made possible thanks to Cartiera dell’Adda which has always provided support to youth activity along with Banca Intesa Sanpaolo and the sponsorship of the City of Dongo.
The major of Dongo Mr Giovanni Muolo, the president of Marvelia Mr Nicolò Casiraghi, the vice-president of Marvelia Mr Armando Miraglia, the president of Cartiera dell’Adda, Mr Giuseppe Cima and the boat-builder Mr Pietro Negri ( Negri Nautica), they were all present at the ceremony.


To local municipalities of Calolziocorte and Olginate, Parco Adda makes available the amount of € 340.000 as a result of an agreement which dates back to 2016 with Cartiera dell’Adda and Sime Energia regarding the compensation and environmental migration works to activate a Sime bio-mass power plant at Cartiera dell’Adda paper mill. The two companies, Cartiera dell’Adda and Sime, have requested that funds remain in the local territory, in the park, with measures aimed for citizens.